Brad and Susan McFarlane

Papua, Indonesia--Wycliffe Bible Translators

The McFarlanes’ aviation ministry provides access to the remotest locations as they transport missionaries, Bibles, medical supplies and relief aid. Brad recently wrote: “We made 7 stops in all that day, and our passengers and cargo included a translation team, New Testaments, school kids, a sick child, a screaming child, and a screaming pig.”

Michael and Darilyn Battermann

Kenya--Rift Valley Academy

Michael and Darilyn are dorm parents at Rift Valley Academy. Currently they have 12 girls from several different countries. Darilyn writes, “The eternal destinies of kids at RVA as well as the people whom their parents serve are the reason we are here.  We find great joy in being able to play a part in our precious Lord’s master plan.”



Kim and Jenny Garrity

Lesvos, Greece--EuroRelief



Kim and Jenny lead mission teams throughout Europe.  In 2013 Kim led teams to build camps in Serbia and Croatia, house building in Romania, Gospel outreach during Tour de France, refugee work in Southern Europe and serving at a camp in France.  Jenny is involved in training refugee women in Southern Europe marketable skills.  They have also done outreach in Marseille France, remodeled a church in Scotland, and continue work with Farsi-speaking immigrants.

Cammy Jackson

Launch Global

Cammy Jackson is serving the Lord and helping to fulfill the Great Commission by mobilizing and training missionaries to go to unreached people groups. Cammy grew up attending Cedar grove with her family and is joyfully serving with Launch Global in Katy, Texas.