We want to swing open wide the doors of our church to the community around us and all those who are seeking to explore a faith in Jesus. In an effort to make others feel welcome, we are planning some renovations to our current building. This updated space will be used as a tool to further the gospel of Jesus Christ as we invite our friends, coworkers, and neighbors to encounter God, grow together, and make a difference through Him. Would you consider partnering with us by giving toward this important project?

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How much money is needed for the project?
What updates are going to be included in the project?
How can I give to Project Renovate?
I would love to help in addition to my financial gift. How can I do so?
How are you deciding on what renovations need to be done, what they will look like, and how much it will cost?
Wouldn't the money be better spent on missions or other organizations outside of our church?
What is the timeline for the project?

"True hospitality is always costly, but that's what makes it love."

Luwanna Dice

Executive Director