Christ in you, the Hope of Glory

Col 1:27-28 “To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me.


Vision: asks the question, “What are we becoming?”

CGCC exists to glorify God as we live out our unique call as a Christ-centered family of faith to worship, seek justice and reflect the freedom and restoration power of Jesus to Livermore, the Tri-Valley area and across the globe.


Mission: ask the question, “How are we accomplishing our vision?”

CGCC is reaching, teaching, and releasing disciples of Jesus.

REACH to know (Christ)

TEACH to grow (in Christ)              

RELEASE to show (Christ)



We believe we can move into the future and best fulfill our unique call as we commit and are accountable to ensuring that we are living our lives as Jesus called. We measure this according to four areas.   


Disciples seek God in WORSHIP           “Love the Lord your God”

o   Worship in devotion to prayer

o   Worship through the choices made

o   Worship with time in Holy Scripture

o   Worship in both actions and words


Disciples seek healthy COMMUNITY       “Love your neighbor”

o   Relationships built on Godly love

o   Discipleship-based gatherings

o   Support and care for each other


Disciples live MISSIONALLY         “Go therefore and make disciples”

o    Seek to connect our story to God’s story that we might impact other’s stories

o   Are able to clearly articulate the hope that we have in Christ

o   Are committed to sharing the gospel in our families, community, and the world


Disciples realize their FREEDOM through Grace  Act justly; love mercy; walk humbly with God.

o   Always seek to do what is right through grace and justice in action

o   Demonstrate generosity and gratitude in our stewardship

o   Do not live in bondage but seek the Spirit of God ground in scripture

o   Equip the body to understand the scriptures and live according to them . . .



Empowered Leadership

Intention: CGCC seeks to honor and worship God by fostering a unified leadership (elders, staff, lay-leaders) equipped, encouraged and empowered with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and authority.


By understanding our vision and unique call, our leaders pursue unity through…

Š      increasing trust through clearly defined authority and responsibility

Š      recognizing and aligning expectations and practices

Š      establish a continual environment for development of leaders

Š      commit to engaging in prayerful spiritual and transparent communication


What do leaders need to effectively serve?

For elders:

1.     Clarified expectations of roles, responsibilities and authority of elder and GB member

2.     Create a process for qualification and development in moving to Governing Board

3.     The opportunity for significant contributions through informed decision-making and advising

4.     Empowerment to focus on congregational health

5.     Assurance of staff accountability to mutually agreed upon goals


For GB:

1.     Clearly defined scope of their authority and responsibility

2.     A functional process for accountability to the mission/vision/values

3.     Staff relationships built on and growing in trust

4.     Understanding practically what it means to be a GB member


For staff:

1.     Confidence that elders are prioritized as to the spiritual health of the congregation

2.     Clearly stated ministry responsibilities with regular feedback and yearly reviews

3.     The opportunity to exercise and explore God’s calling

4.     The opportunity to execute ministry within appropriate authority and accountability

5.     Clarity on which decisions and actions entail elder advice and which require GB approval

6.     Unified spiritual support and encouragement from elders and supervisors


For lay leadership:

1.     Confidence that elders and staff are prioritized to the spiritual health of the congregation

2.     Prayer, support, encouragement, guidance and oversight by a unified leadership

3.     Opportunities to contribute in ministry and to step into leadership

4.     Development of their gifts, talents, and skills as they grow in Christ

Leadership Structure

Character (Who we are)

God expects the church to be lead by spiritually mature leaders. Leader qualifications are clearly called out in scripture (Acts 6:1-4, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1 and Acts 20:26-35).


The Apostles chose leaders who were proven to be men of integrity: trustworthy, Spirit-filled and full of wisdom.  The purpose of widening the leadership circle was to ensure that the spiritual, missional, and fiscal integrity of the Church continued and expanded.


Leaders are qualified through three areas of evaluation:

Reputation in...






Spirit-filled passion for…







Experiences/ Growth


Faith sharing

These areas of evaluation reveal the spiritual maturity in an individual’s walk with Jesus and establish one’s ability to lead the church. The New Testament makes it clear that an elder is an extremely high calling to shepherd the local church. The priority is not just management of a non-profit but spiritual responsibility to glorify God through growing disciples.


Qualification for spiritual leadership is not measured by human standards of perfection or monetary success. Spiritual maturity is rooted in the grace of God and consistently expresses the life of Christ. Paul did not take the responsibility of leadership lightly: not for himself or for those that he mentored. He fully realized that it was not by his merit that God chose him to lead the church but by grace and mercy through the work of Christ. “I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his service, though formerly I was a blasphemer, persecutor, and insolent opponent. But I received mercy because I had acted ignorantly in unbelief and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ.” (1 Tim 1:12-14) The privilege of leadership comes as the result of allowing God to restore and use a broken vessel.


Roles and Responsibilities:

This framework is designed to help clarify the scope of roles, responsibilities and authority so that the entire fellowship of leaders at CGCC have the opportunity to make significant contributions through informed decision-making and advising.


Elders: Advise and Assist

The elders are primarily responsible for establishing, protecting, cultivating, and maintaining an environment in which individual church members have the opportunity to flourish spiritually through the transforming work of the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:1-2) and have the opportunity to engage in ministry as we live out our vision and mission.


Their role is to come alongside ministry leaders advising and assisting to align activities with the vision/mission/values of CGCC. We recognize that God speaks through the body of believers and our elders play a significant role to provide wisdom and insight.  We benefit from hearing multiple perspectives and achieve the best results by seeking and hearing the wisdom of elders.



Governing Board: Discern and Decide

The GB has responsibility for establishing, maintaining and aligning the vision and mission of CGCC. Their primary concern is to evaluate and make strategic decisions that move us toward our vision and mission without compromising our values. The GB asks questions such as: “Are we becoming more like the bride of Christ? Are we making more disciples of Christ? Are we as disciples in this local body reflecting the heart of Christ and demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit?” By asking the right questions as a unified board, strategic decisions are made and ministry decisions are made spiritually, missionally and fiscally.


Individual elders serving on the GB (as determined by the bylaws of CGCC) are expected to express, discern and disagree as they meet together. The GB works toward decisions that can be supported in unity as the GB speaks as one voice for the direction and spiritual well being of the church.  The GB seeks to build unity and support of the staff in pursuing the mission and vision of CGCC. Staff (paid or volunteer) is recruited for the purpose of carrying out the vision and mission of CGCC. The GB seeks to foster a team environment working to empower, encourage and equip with accountability to agreed upon goals.


Staff: Initiate and Implement

CGCC seeks to be a place where those called to career ministry are given opportunity to flourish. As ministry areas grow so do needs to recruit and retain individuals to lead practically in carrying out our vision and mission as a church. CGCC has various venues in which ministry efforts are directed. Staff is given appropriate authority and responsibility under the direction and accountability of the Governing Board and lead pastor(s). Staff will seek to initiate and implement ministry venues within the strategic approval of the GB. In their career, calling and commitment to the church, it is expected that the staff innovate, anticipate, and lead seeking elder advice and GB approval when necessary.

Team Leadership: Engage and Enfold

Cedar Grove seeks to foster an empowering, equipping, and encouraging leadership structure. We seek to form teams working as the body of Christ (1 Cor 12). We seek to create an environment where leaders (paid and volunteer, elders and non-elders, male and female, young and old) are equipped, encouraged and empowered to carry out the work God has set before us. Grace and forgiveness are placed together with accountability and correction as we seek to build an environment of trust. Staff and elders of Cedar Grove have the responsibility to inform, shepherd and equip our congregants. Elders will identify those within the congregation that seek to be elders and provide mentoring for that individual and when appropriate present to elder board for consideration.


Practical Oversight ~ our Strategic Anchors

Elders provide governance for the overall health of the congregation by equally focusing on three areas of evaluation. Each are vital to staying on task and become strategic anchors that tether our actions to our mission/vision:


Š      Spiritual Integrity – ensuring that CGCC is committed to authentic spiritual growth and is demonstrating spiritual fruit – pursuing the Great Commandment – loving God, loving people.


Š      Missional Integrity – ensuring that CGCC is a church that is living out our unique call to make disciples of Christ as individuals and as a community.


Š      Fiscal Integrity – ensuring that CGCC is practicing faithful stewardship with the resources that God has provided.




Serving as an elder means making several commitments:

1.     Individual commitments:

a.     Pray for the body

b.     Pursue personal spiritual health

c.     Promote and work toward unity

d.     Model authentic spirituality

e.     Demonstrate care for people (serve)

f.      Encourage staff and lay leaders


2.     Corporate Commitment:

a.     Engage in elder meetings

b.     Pursue the mission and vision of Cedar Grove

c.     Filter decisions through biblical values

d.     Initiate serving on strategic ministry teams

e.     Practice mutual spiritual accountability


Elders are chosen on a basis of…

Š      Their faithful commitment to CGCC as a local church

o   Attendance

o   Regular financial support

o   Involved and invested in ministry

o   Support of the doctrine, mission, and vision

Š      The quality of their reputation in the community

Š      Their ability to communicate with wisdom and grace

Š      Proven leadership of their family

Š      Time available to invest


The Governing Board is chosen from…

Š      Elders who have advised wisely

Š      Elders who have proven commitment and faithfulness

Š      Elders who have vision and insight

Š      Elders whose talents, gifts, and experience compliment the other GB members



We are committed to raising up elders…

Š      Current Elders mentor future elders:

o   Scanning horizon for others to include

o   Challenge elders to seek a person to mentor one-on-one

o   Affirm and qualify those who are seeking to be elders

o   Time of understanding qualifications and expectations

Š      Formal process of approving of elders: (1 Tim. 3:1ff)

o   Application/Affirmation (see Character section)  – This is more of a step by step process of identifying and qualifying -

§  Self-assessment

§  Theological assessment

§  Spousal affirmation

§  Ministry leaders affirmation – those that they have been working alongside.  

§  Governing Board affirmation

§  Congregational affirmation  - testimony to congregation



Structure Meetings around our Strategic Anchors


Spiritual Integrity:

Š      Prayer/worship

Š      Identifying spiritual needs of entire congregation

Š      Concerns that we have or theological issues dealing with.

Š      Creating a short-term Thematic Goal (i.e. gratitude)

o   All church focus

o   Possibly create profile of what it means to be a discipled believer at CGCC


Missional Integrity:

Š      Mission assessed in light of our vision – what are we doing to accomplish our vision? What are we doing well? What needs to change? Invite one ministry leader to each meeting to encourage, support and understand. 

Š      Current strategy assessment

Š      Discussions strategic changes

Š      Strategic wisdom gathering

Š      Ministry reports (i.e. Children, Youth, Women’s, etc)


Fiscal Integrity:

Š      Financial update

Š      Building and grounds

Š      Insurance

Š      Security