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In Awe

Whether you’re in school, working, or a stay-a-home mom (or any combination of those) we’ve all had moments when we want to throw stacks of paper in the air (real or imaginary) and yell at the person (real or imaginary) that is constantly asking everything of us. You’ve suddenly found yourself needed without the hope of catching a break anytime soon.

This happens between me and God sometimes. I get frustrated or even fuming mad that He is asking so much of me (whether He has or it’s self-inflicted - let’s be real…) and then He usually sends a sign reminding me of what this song says:

“You don’t need me at all

But You couldn’t love me more”

As soon as I process this sentence, it’s as if the 50 pound weight is lifted off my shoulders. I am not the end all, be all of anything, and thank goodness for that. I can then take the pressure off myself and remember that God’s got me. He may not need me, but He can and will use me for His glory.

“I’m livin’ in awe”



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Here's My Heart, Lord

Having grown up in the Church, there are many fundamental facts I knew to be true:

God loves me.

Jesus died for me.

He will never fail me.

His promises are always true.


But just because I know these things doesn’t mean I FEEL them. I may KNOW them, but there are many times I don’t feel them (or even Him) at all. It’s like there’s a weird disconnect between my head and my heart.


That’s why I love this song. It allows me to come before God and listen. To remind me of His promises. And remind myself that

I am found

I am Yours

I am loved

I’m made pure

I have life

I can breathe

I am healed

I am free


Here’s my heart, Lord.

Speak what is true.



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