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Building well is both a joy and a challenge.  Best practices concerning any kind of construction will surely add to the enjoyment of both the process and the product. 
Building on our faith in Jesus requires best practices.  Joy comes as we cooperate with God in our pursuit of spiritual growth, and God always builds from the inside out.
Build with Freedom is a study of best practices as communicated to us through His Word.  Romans 8 and Romans 12 are the essential manuals for how the Christian life works.  Let’s build in freedom together.
Graduation Sunday

Do you remember when you graduated high school? Let me remind you. You were probably relieved that all your high school assignments were done. No lingering assignments to worry about, only the worry of “I hope I have a cool roommate in college.” You probably were excited to start being “on your own.” It was now time to make your own choices in life. No doubt, you will miss people when you graduate while other people you definitely will not. Grandma and Grandpa sent you a generous gift to commemorate the occasion and you are wondering what you will spend it on.

Maybe this was your high school graduation experience, maybe it was not. What is for sure is that whether you admitted it at the time or not, you needed someone to build into you. You needed someone to encourage you in an uncertain future.