Fellowship to awaken true Christian masculinity

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Cor 16:13-14


Where was Adam?

There they were in The Garden; they had everything. As far as their eye could see were trees of vast variety. Satan led them to the one tree that God restricted.  The passivity of Adam…we still do it today. Where is the man of God who will stand strong in truth and love?

Our desire is to be men who live in the light of righteous integrity, who stand up and do what is right for families, communities and even ourselves.

 Impact Zones

“Impact Zones” are areas of influence we already have that are opportunities for us to be men after the heart of Christ, where we can and should impact others for the kingdom as fathers, neighbors, co-workers, husbands, men. We have opportunities to invite others into The Watch and to step into their world that they might see Jesus.

 We have many opportunities to gather together.  

Monthly Breakfast 

Next breakfast:  Saturday, September 21st  7:30-9:00am

  • An encouraging place for fellowship and food, both spiritual and physical where we help each other to act like men. We will start with a series “Stepping up: A call to Courageous Manhood.”  We will watch the series together and create an atmosphere of conversation for application and support.

Want more information or would like to help at this event? Contact:  Will Sanders at

"Go Teams"

  • Opportunities to serve others in our community
  • Move team, repairs and does various maintenance jobs.

Want more information on "Go Teams" contact:  Ron Read at


Want more information on "Facilities Team" contact:  Ben Brown at

 Annual Retreat 

  • The Men’s Retreat is an opportunity to gather together with hundreds of other men for outdoor activities, great food, engaging worship and messages of conviction. It is a reminder that every man is called to a life of honesty, purity, and integrity. The challenge is to grow in being the man that God as intended as we lead our families, community and church.